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Work Process

Stage   Title
A   Inception/Feasibility
    Typically a meeting/discussion between principals to investigate web development possibilities. Activities may embrace work stage B, Design Brief.
B   Design Brief
    Where formal design brief is not immediately available from customer, may include consultation to allow preparation of proposals.
C   Acceptance of Proposals
    Presentation and acceptance of proposals.
D   Technical Development
    Establishment of 'sandbox' account for use through development. May include, registration of domain, setup of hosting account, and building of server-side files and databases.
E   Outline Design
    Production (and reworking, if necessary) of a 'home page' theme design for customer approval. Requires customer provision of logos and other branding as appropriate.
F   Detail Design
    Development, production and roll-out of website pages (and/or, system modules). Requires provision of customer website content and other media as required.
G   Approvals
    Formal approval of website or web system for publishing.
H   Publishing
    Publishing of live website or web system on server. Registration with search engines, establishment of webmaster account. Server-side actions.
S   Support
    24/7 support, technical, SEO and related. Includes training as appropriate.
M   Marketing
    Chicopee Web Company promotional activities unrelated to work stages A - H, and S above.
    NOTE: SEO development is embedded throughout all stages (A - H, and S)